Durability and more Info

Lubrication of Moulds


All moulds should be lubricated with mould oil for easy release.  Please contact Roy Bark at Technilube for advice.



Steel Moulds : Are virtually indestructible.  Most are manufactured from 3mm steel plates.

Fiberglass Moulds : Need a little bit more care.  If a mould falls it can damage the gelcoat layer.  They are easily repaired though.  Usually a fiberglass patch on the outside and a good smearing of body filler on the inside which is then sanded down.

Polyurethane Moulds : We have been using the same supplier for 12 years.  There are cheaper polyurethanes available on the market, however we will not lower our standard.  Our moulds last an average of 8-12 years.  Polyurethane moulds can be bent, twisted and generally manhandled without damage.